How do you know when you are ready for marriage?

Its obviously a very open question and everyone will have different opinions on such a matter. However, I recently overheard my boyfriend of 6 years speaking to his mother about asking me to marry him. I wish I hadn't overheard it, obviously. Where now it won't be much of a surprise. However, since I overheard this, I have been rather anxious and extremely nerved up. I am questioning myself. Whether or not I am ready? Or what if he leaves or changes his mind about me (obviously a question many people have)? Is it normal for me to feel this way? I love him dearly and I have no doubt in my mind that he is the man I want to spend the rest of my life with. So I guess I'm confused about my reaction to hearing this news.


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  • Marriage is a big life-changing decision. Have you consulted with family and/or close friends or acquaintances and see what advice they can or will give you?

    In reality people can change their minds and how they feel frequently, unless maybe somehow they are really really stubborn and unwilling to ever change. You both will have to work together and learn to compromise and negotiate with each other once you both are married. And it's an ongoing growth and development process, and learning experiences throughout your relationship.

    Once both you two have made up your minds and are more than certain that being married will make you both happy and that you both have absolutely agreed that both of you will Always stick by each other no matter what circumstances such as during unexpected tough times. Because it's not always going to be easy every single day of your life even after being married. There are times people become down and miserable even in relationships/marriages. There will be many tests and trials everyone would have to go through in their relationships and marriages to sustain and maintain them successfully. Just have the mindset that it does not mean 'Happily Ever After' after being "Just Married" because there will be much patience, hard work, compromises, realistic expectations and clear communications needed afterwards.


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