What's going on here?

December 12 - we got into a huge fight. He was so mad and angry that I got really scared. I thought it was over.

December 14 - he sent me a message apologizing and said he needed time to think, but in the mean time, he wanted he to know that he cared deeply for me and wants me to be happy. I didn't respond to his message.

December 18 - he sent me another message saying that he set up an appointment to go see a therapist on the 28th. I didn't respond to his message.

I'm not sure how to handle it. Maybe I need a bit more time too.

Any suggestions or advice? Is this him trying to make an effort? Is it possible to make this work? It's so hard!
He can be a very sweet guy and incredibly generous, but when he gets angry, he becomes like The Hulk. It's really freaking scary.
December 19 - I responded to his messages and said I'm sorry too, and that I wanted to respect his need for some time to think. And that I cared deeply and want him to be happy as well.


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  • He handled it quite well, actually. He had a violent outburst. It's always possible to make it work but there's a risk involved.


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  • Yep he is trying to make an effort into talking to you. Question is : Are you willing to give him another chance?


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