Girls if you had a boyfriend and he canceled a date on your because he was really sad about something would you be mad?

I was very depressed today, based on what happend last night and in the morning. I had schduled a dinner for me and my girl this evening but i'm feeling super down and canceled it. I texted her saying something came and i can't go and stuff like that, she wants me to call her but i dont want too. I'm kinda embarssed to tell her i'm depresed because she see's me as a really happy person but the truth is i do get depresed sometimes. You think it's a big deal if i canceled or no? I love her but don't feel like tlaking to her.


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  • Well you need to tell her the truth anyway. I don't think she'll be mad but ultimately it's going to have a huge impact on your relationship. And if you don't tell her you are lying to her..

    • that is true, she tried to call me 2 times and keeps asking why i won't answer the phone but i'm not feeling. I guess if i tell her she would prob be ok with it.

    • She probably thinks she did something wrong... but she will understand when you tell her. You could just call her back and explain, and then at times when you want to be left alone she will understand.

    • hey, i called her and she understood. She wanted to spend the rest of the day with me and i was ok with that, at my house, i though she would be mad maybe but she was not, which is good

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  • I would just tell her the truth, it's better to just be honest about it. She may be able to make you feel better even you never know. Communication is very important in a relationship

    • i talked to her and we're ok

  • Depression is a serous mental health issue. I would understand

    • yeah, im just not feeling it today. but should i tell her the truth and say it'sw caused im depressed? what if she says something like "oh c'mon, it's no big deal" :(

  • She's probably sad, I know that I would be

    • i' really depressed today and just did not feel like it, but should i tell her the truth that i'm feeling sad? im really not up to it today in all honesty

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    • im willing to do Monday

    • i would be ok with that

  • just be honest and upfront and tell her you feel a bit blue. if don't tell the truth she might think you lost interest or you're seeing someone else.. plus, what's the point of being with someone if you have to fake your personality?


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