Is it ok for me to break this (other people's) relationship?

Hey guys, before you judge me for the title, here is my somewhat etical problem.

I have met this girl in class and we hanged out couple of times. She told me she has a boyfriend and I didn't pursue anything. Looked at her as a total, non-sexual, friend. However, we went to this class trip and went out to some parties, had a great time and at the end of the evening she told me she likes me. So we kinda made out. However, next day she had this guilt relapse and thought it was bad. However, she told me that her relationship is falling appart and that she has problems. Still after a couple of times, she decided to give her boy another chance (because she threatned to leave him and he promised to change). Still, she flirts with me, and told me she really likes spending time with me, just that when we become physical (kissing, nothing more) she feels guilty. She is the one who potantiates our meetings now, even invited me for some drinks tomorrow.

Now, to this point their relationship seems on very rickety foundations, and for my part I really like her, but feel she is kinda too good for her own good. This is a two year relationship. And I know I haven't given you much to work with, but I'd really like to know your expiriences. Some advice, some scolding, any feedback... :)


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  • Personally I think her boyfriend deserves to know how she is acting, ( through hard times or the easier times also be loyal and if you fail to do that own up to it ) she knows she has you exactly where she wants you. Think of it this way if you were her boyfriend and you went through a rocky time would you want her getting close to other guys and cheat on you? Because nothing makes you special to her to do it as well, cheating is a bad habit and a good way to stop it is to for the other guy to tell her she is doing something wrong and tell the other guy. Besides she could be lying about going through a hard time To look like the victim just tell her to stop and remove herself from the situation it's going to end messy. It's just my opinion

    • Well, I don't know the other guy, nor should I interfere in their personal matters. Still, now that you put it, it does sound she has me on standby until she decides what to do. But, smart answer: Remove myself from the mix or end up getting hurt... Tnx.

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  • Different relationship. Wowowo


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  • You should not interfere in the affairs of others unless abuse or manipulation is involved.


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