Why catfish people on date sites?

It's happens to me last week! This supposive women contacted me gives me her number and start texting. She tells me to delete my account from that site since we plan to meet.

Sure. I'll do that because someone I've never met told me to. Lol. I never did though. Anyway that made me suspicious. And it turned out later on she wouldn't send pics considering the ones she had posted were different people! For all I know it could've been a guy that was screwing around lol.

Why do this? It suspicious behavior. No sane person would make a profile, put different pics and immediately give out their number. That goes outside the realm of normal behavior and just doing it for the fun of it.

Has this happen to you?


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  • Have you ever seen that show on MTV called Catfish? People on there say the do it for attention, self confidence, and all number of stupid, selfish reasons.

    The best thing you can do is protect yourself by googling their pictures and if they sound too good to be true they're probably fake.

  • People catfish because if they're not having any luck with meeting others in real life, catfishing is an easy and free way to get lots of attention and 'fall in love' all from the comfort of their computer chair.

    It has never happened to me on dating sites, which I've never used. I did get catfished by @Sandplanet on this site quite a while ago, though...


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