Where do I go from here?

I met this girl in college where she comes to study outside of province. We hit it off pretty good at the beggining, hanging out, studying together, etc. To this day we have never kissed, hugged, or even held hands. We went to see a movie together and she asked if i could come over afterwards but i was too tired so she said tomorrow then. I was working during thr day and at night we were supposed to study together and ended up drinking together at her place. She was really wasted whereas I just had a glass of wine. Her roommates left us and we just lying down on the couch talking, she asked if I wanted to go into her bed and I said 'these couches are pretty comfortable' and we ended up just sleeping together on the sofa. Thr next day we had class and it was about human attraction and the prof mentioned somrthing about complimenting a girls looks because they love that and she whispered to me 'you should take some pointers'. I felt so stupid and awkward. Skip to Halloween where she kept asking what I was doing. Ended up picking her and her friends downtown and ended up in the same situation but didn't do anything because she was drunk and just didn't want to take advantage of her when she wanted to do something , she even mentioned something about blue balls I didn't know what that meant. We stopped hanging out after that and she asked me to hangout one night with her friend. She asked me to bring some weed and lipbalm, I told her I was gonna bring her my personal lipbalm and she responding quoting her friend 'does that mean your dick' saying hahaha. We just ended up smoking weed and she brought up one of those nights saying 'we didn't even do anything' during one of our conversations. I haven't told her my feelings and wanted to this last Wednesday before she left to go back home for the holidays but she ignored my text in the morning asking if we're still good for today. I wished her a nice and safe trip but she didn't respond to that either. We ended up snapchattin
Each other today, I asked how's new Brunswick the weather, etc. I really like this girl and I don't know where to go from here. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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  • It`s really long story..
    If you explain it as summary I try to say what I think..


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