Would you feel comfortable dating a girl with mental issues?

Would a girl with problems such as OCD and Bipolar disorder be something to diffuse your interest?

Things you would have to deal with regarding her would be intense mood swings, irritability, depression, lack of interest, anxiety, panic attacks, and phases of extreme weirdness and 'mania'- not like excessive spending or reckless behavior, but overly optimistic and wired behavior.

Now factor in if she was on medication. She seems stable and interesting enough... would that still bother you?

Or say you were not aware this girl has these issues... would you want to know? Once you found out, would that be a deal breaker?

...or any other opinions or thoughts on this matter would be appreciated.

Thanks :):


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  • it can defuse interest. men seem more tolerable than women in that department for sure. I have serious depression, and very bad paranoia along with a short temper fuse. I used to be EXTREMELY BAD but I've been learning to conrtol it, for example instead of jumpin to a negative conclusion I consider the positive possibilities that it could be. it effected my realtioship terribly :( my love, was hurt because I couldn't control my temper and compulsive negative thoughts and we aren't together now,but I have been staying friends and been working on my behavior and have had tremendous improvement. to be honest I think its unfair to your partner to be caught up in your issues cause you can't control them, get coping skills,like when I became upset and paranoid I would write down the negatives and positives of the situation and compare what most likely is going on, doing that helps me prevent wrong accusations. its hard to control a mental issue, medications do help, I don't really enjoy them myself because they lower my sex drive and make my eating habits strange. so if you cannot find a medication to help you I would suggest positive outlooks and extreme common sense (its funny how silly you can look from an outer body view) so bottom line, I don't believe a partner should form to your problems, all it did was cause worse problems. tone down what you can and find good techniqes to deal. then a relationship can be good happy and healthy. :)


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  • I would take it in stride, as best as I could, but just with anything, even with the 'normal' people if it was too much to deal with, I'd have to get out of the relationship. Some of that stuff you mentioned, doesn't sound too far off of most women, especially when Aunt flo visits, anyhow o.O And with the OCD We could both count the number of panels in the sidewalk as we walked along, making sure not to step on the cracks, or a different amount of steps in one, than the next =\ I try not to look down when I'm walking on sidewalks for this reason lol

  • i would actually prefer her telling me AFTER I've been dating here for a couple of years cause that way I wouldn't mind it as much then if she told me right from the start.

    I would be ok with OCD and bipolar. I could handle both I'm sure especially when she is taking Rx

    and I would def support her when she tells me because it would take a lot of courage to tell someone

  • I think this, the list of what you would have to "deal" with, describes most women, so my answer, being that I love women, is yes.


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  • I have ADHD associated with a little of OCD, and guess what?!

    my boyfriend is the same as me!

    its funny...

    We have our ups and downs.. we both have the same symptoms.. and we laugh about it!

    my major mood swings that he sometimes can't handle.. or his major depression that I can't handle..

    but we re there for each other.. and I don't think that those or any of those issues are a deal breaker unless it grows on him and becomes extremely annoying... but this isn't the case so am perfectly fine with whatever happens.

    If a guy wouldn't want to be with me just because of those issues.. then he could kiss my butt!

    We all have issues, at least we re not afraid to admit ours!

  • Ive always wandered this too... I have some mental 'issues' But for whatever I've found that boys tend to be more tolerable about then most of your gal friends will be.. but that's just what I've picked up on.

    I guess just try to be really aware of the things you do, if they stick with you despite these things then you know they like you for you.

  • I think you should just learn how to manage your mood swings, and yeah it can come out later in the relationship. It's serious stuff. Don't expect a 'normal' guy to be like, 'yeah I like my chick when she throws things across the room!' So, it also has to do with finding the right guy too. You may have just a bit harder time because of your 'issues'

    • The thing is to you're not just the illness, you have the capacity for love, compassion, and all that good stuff. So don't be defined by it

    • Hope this helps :)