I've been a year without any sex or relationship. Right now I feel as if I am desperate for both. What should I do?

I meet guys. Talk to them for a couple of weeks and seems that all of them only want sex. No relationship. I refuse to hurt myself by giving in and satisfying their needs when I want more. What should I do because holding out is really driving me crazy. I try to be patient with the guys, as time progresses I tell them what I seek them and i ask what they want in return. In the beginning most are open to relationship but it quickly fades. I don't know what to do anymore, my body is just aching.


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  • I've made it about two years on my own. My brother has gone decades between hook ups. You just need a friend to talk to and a lot of self love.


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  • Your morals are very high.
    If you value them , you must continue to stand behind them.

    It definitely won't be easy.
    In fact , keeping the morals is a true challenge.
    It shows whether you truly stood behind them or not.

    You can do this !
    You've done it for a long time.

    Keep putting yourself out there , it won't be long before you find someone that shares the same values that you can start a relationship with.


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  • You have two options 1. stay strong or 2. lower your standards. In either case, you won't be happy in the short-term. However, #1 gives you the best shot at happiness over the long-term.


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