The confidence trait?

Why women say "if he has confidence i will date him"?
When if we (man) did the same probably 70% of women would die single.
Most women, lets admit are very shy, and wait for us to do every fuking step.
And they really thick the "flirt" they do is being confident. When sometimes they stare at us or smile sometimes when we talk to them or ask something random about our life...

I know some women are very confident, but most of them are always waiting for a guy to make the first move.


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What Girls Said 1

  • Not our fault that men have other criteria when it comes to dating.

    • Yes it is. Women that only date "confident man only" are the ones with no courage to do the first move.
      The problem is the women no willing to risk getting rejected.

What Guys Said 1

  • is there a question to be answered?

    • I thick i aswered my own question xD
      It is because they are shy, to go somewhere in relationships sociaty needs to put pressure on men to take the risky steps since most women dont do it.

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