Why do girls not like me until I express interest in them?

My relations with girls always start the same way, I'll meet a girl and just talk with her as a friend when we first meet, since I am not much of a playboy. For a few months I get nothing from her, not a damn word or action that would suggest she likes me, she just seems like a friend. But the minute I stop treating her as a friend and more as a romantic interest she becomes obsessed with me. For instance: there was this one girl I would see around campus for weeks, I finally met her and would ocasionally talk to her in class or at parties, but we didn't hang out alone, she NEVER asked me to hang out, never seemed interested, and never dropped what she was doing to be with me. Then one day I asked her if she wanted to get lunch with me, and after that she was obsessed with me. She texted me at least once a week offering an invitation to hang out with her and her friends, she would constantly text me just to talk (something I dont do), and whenever I asked her for something she would drop what she was doing to help me with it. Like wtf? I dont mind her doing these things, but it pisses me off that she decided to do them AFTER I made the move, she could have at least showed a little interest before I said something. Whats worse is that it wasn't just this girl, I can think of 4 other times where they waited for me to say "I like you" before they were willing to say "I like you", I have never actually had a girl say "I like you"(by this I mean show me she likes me, or straight up tell me) first, I always have to do it. Why do women do this? I hate it, I'm tempted to blow off all the girls that do this cause they are just annoying me at this point. Does this happen to other guys?


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  • To me, it's usually women being interested at the beginning of our interactions and then them giving up by the time I would express interest. Females are usually more insecure creatures than we are, and are fixed in the idea, for the most part still, that if the guy is interested, he will make a move. It's just how it is for a majority and you seem to have not come across many 'progressive' females.


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