I think I'm about to slow down my pursuit of my crush should I?

Ok me and this girl have known each other for 7 years we've known each other texted a little I've had a big crush since I first saw her in 8th grade and you know everytime you have a crush and you talk to them you overthink everything and thinks any interest is more than just being friends so through out high school I've thought she had a little crush sometimes but I'm not sure she a few times I've caught her stare and look away touch her hair when we talk but this was like 10 or 11th grade nothing ever came about I would sometimes text her to much when I first got her number and she would tweet about how it irritated her so the summer of 11th grade it seem like I was getting closer to her and it seemed like I might have a chance but then we stop talking and like a month after she had a boyfriend after that we became cordial we didn't text anymore so 3 years after high school I talked to her a little on snapchat we kinda just caught cordial talking I asked for her number she gave it to me.. We texted a little in the for like 1 day and it was a decent convo after that she wouldn't text back I only texted her 3 times though in the summer so I didn't really care I was talking to someone else so we eventually talked on snapchat and said lets meet up and smoke when I get back home so when I finally come back home from school we hung out and she said she liked hanging with me and didn't realize how much we had in common and she likes hanging out we had this awkward moment for me when we smoked when she asked what did I want to do she said we can smoke or we can do something else and her being my crush I was so nervous I didn't know what to do what she meant by that I wanted to lean in and try for a kiss but I was to nervous my heart was beating fast lol so the next day we hang out and we have another good time we smoked in the car both times this time she told me about her lesbian experience and how she never told anyone about this and how she's not gay she was curious
Next day she told me she was talking to someone but she doesn't fill a connection she just likes how nice he is and they never had sex.. I've sent her flowers before I know she knows I like her but she when we text she takes a hour to text back and we only have like 6 replies back then she won't reply or reply next day but gets mad if I don't text her back or for a few days don't text her and she got mad i stood her up last week and haven't been texting me as much
Should I still try to get with her or are we just friends ladies what do you think


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  • she don't text much, so just keep setting up dates with her and see where it goes


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