Did I ruin my chances with him?

Earlier today, I hung out with my guy friend who I like and I told him that I slept with my ex boyfriend in the past and after I said that he told me that he just wants to be friends and not date. Did I ruin the chances of being more than friends with him by telling him that I slept with another guy before I met him? I wanted to be honest with him. It seemed like he got mad after I told him that. If I didn't tell him that, do you think that he would want to date me?


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  • Hi there, :)
    Give your friend time. Let him process the information. He could definitely having feelings for you which to me it seems like he does. He probably got hurt a bit hearing the information you told him. Maybe he wasn't expecting to hear that you have slept with your ex in the past. Maybe in his mind the ex was over and out of the picture so it shocked him a bit. There are many assumptions as to why he responded towards your answer the way he did. Your honesty is respectable. I definitely give you kiddos for honesty. Afterall a relationship needs to be built on an honest foundation from the start. My suggestion to you is to give it more time and keep building on the friendship. If he cares for you more then on a friend level he will come around. Best of luck to you. Hope this helps. :-)

    • Sorry for all of my typos bleh. :-/ Hopefully my message makes some sense to you despite my awful typos. Best of luck.

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  • it sounds like he just wanted to be friends so you didn't ruin anything. i would be kinda peeved too considering i wouldn't really care or want to hear about you boning your boyfriend, which is usually a given.


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