Is there a reason guys don't approach me?

so I was at the book store going in between the sports section and the comic book section and there were these two teenage boys following me around (they really weren't all that subtle) and they started shoving each other towards me and were like "you go talk to her!" "No you go talk to her" and eventually they both just left...
now I've never been approached by a guy or even flirted with by a stranger (that wasn't a worker or something) and it's kind of hard bc I feel as though there must be something wrong with me. I definitely don't have an RBF (couldn't even if I tried) I'm almost always cheerful and very friendly. I'm into sports (baseball especially) and I'm also into really nerdy stuff. All I can figure is that I'm unattractive? I got rated by a stranger on my Instagram as a 9. But I don't know. Personally I like my personality and I'm pretty ok with how I look.
So is there a reason guys won't talk to me? If you look at my profile pic you can rate me yourself. Maybe it's my face?


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  • I can safely say that they were just too shy to talk to you even though they really wanted to. As much as tv shows have guys just boldy asking women out guys that go around doing that in reality are actually only a minority. Most guys are terrified out of their minds to approach a lady.

    • Really? Oh good. is there something I could've done to make them less shy?

    • There's not a whole lot that can be done. Honestly just eye contact and smiling is the best course of action to let people know you don't mind if they come talk to you.

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