Is it okay if I just move on?

there was a guy who liked me at school we flirted and hung out a few times outside of school. after a few months of getting to know eachother he asked me out to real date not just hanging out and studying. but he needed to visit family in his home country. he was gone for about a month. and he said when he got back we will get dinner together.

the whole time he was gone he only messaged me once. he was just confirming when i come back are we still getting dinner? and about last week hecame back. still didn't message me. so i messaged him are you nack yet? he just answered. yes. thats it. he said nothing else.

and last night i was out dancing. i really try to advoid eye contact with anyguy but a guy came infront of me and was dancing after a few minutes i looked up at him and he was REALLY attractive. and we started talking. he was acting so cute and nervous. turns out he is training to be an actor. he was already in a few things and showed me a few clips of his work. and when the clubs closed he walkd me to my house and gave me a hug and then he went home.

but anyway the point is im wondering if it is okay to just move on to start dating this guy i met at the club. he actually seems more interested in me and my hobbies. where my old classmate has only talked to me once in the past month.


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  • It's fine to move on. Honestly it sounds like the first guy lost interest at some point.


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