Could there be a ring in my future with him?

I really love the guy, he's my best friend, we joke like kids and i can tell him anything.
Around three months ago he started bringing up the subject of marriage. What we would do, where we would live, etc. And probably a little over a month ago he asked how he should propose if he were going to propose. Like a week later, he brought up the subject of engagement rings. A week after that, he brought up proposal again, saying either "when" or "if" he proposes (i honestly can't remember if he said when or if) he has to do it in a unique way, because I'm a very unique girl.
He hasn't brought up proposal again since, and very briefly made a joking comment about him using a ring pop to propose. I told him i honestly wouldn't be mad (in all honesty i really probably wouldn't care, i love the guy and that's exactly our kind of humor between each other) and he told me "See, I'd be pissed if i were a chick and my guy proposed with a ring pop!" we laughed about it and moved on.
One thing that has been sticking out to me though is his money...
When we first started going out, he pampered me completely. Took me out to eat every single weekend, bought me sweets and took me to movies, seemingly with no remorse.
But for a few solid months he was incredibly stingy, he didn't want to spend a dime and was constantly checking on his bank account from his phone.
Suddenly, he's much more carefree with his cash, he has bought me a gift each weekend for three weeks in a row.
He still watches his funds like a hawk but no longer complains about money like he use to (every day he'd start harping on his funds, how he had to sell two of his guitars to pay rent, etc.)
We have only been dating for around 8 months now.
Ladies, guys, could he possibly be on the verge of proposing? Or do you think he was just saying that to say it?
If he is possibly thinking about proposing, when do you believe he'll do it?


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  • Well
    What do you think kiddo?

    • I really have no clue.
      I dated a guy before who talked about marriage with me after only a few weeks of dating, but he was kind of weird and indecisive and the relationship ended after two months.
      I've never been in a super serious relationship like this where i truly love the guy, and I'm terrified of it all not being true.
      Of course i would like to think he's going to propose, but that doesn't mean he will.
      Honestly i have no clue what's going on in that brain of his.

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