What is happening to me?

So i've been hanging out with someone and he's known aroud the city for being a player and for having a dirty mind , but we've been on three dates and we talk on the phone every night for at least an hour and he never ever disrespected me. Last night we went out and we weren't alone , we found most of his friends in the cafe ( he was extremely popular as well ) , anyway, i had a glass in my hands and i was taping on it repeatedly and suddenly he kisses my hand and I don't know what happened to me , it felt like my heart is coming out of my chest, and then he held my hand in front of all his friends and he didn't even hesitate, i also noticed that when i was talking to on of his friends he would look at me and smile , and he would stop looking even i've tell he to stop.
i don't know what i am to him , and I don't know if what i feel is love , but when he held my hand , and kissed my forehead, it's like there was a Something in my heart , something i've never felt before.


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  • Mission accomplished he sounds like he played you good and right into his hands, he charms the birds out of the trees it seems.


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