If a girl never begins a text. Should I keep starting the conversation?

So naturally, when you have a phone the first thing you're going to do is get numbers. I text my crush every so often but she is never the one that texts first or initiates a conversation. Nothing she texts back makes it easy to keep a flow up. Because of that I always get the feeling that they have no interest in talking to me or I'm that guy that they think is annoying but don't say it because of pity. So should I keep texting anyways?


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  • Obviously I can only speak for myself...
    but not texting first isn't always an indicator of a lack of interest but the lack of flow? Definitely lack of interest.

    If I like someone I WANT to know how their day is or whats new... i want to flirt and be flirted back with... and thats a great flowing conversation.

    If I like a guy... I'm not going to have a conversation hard to talk through, because then that means he won't be texting me.


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  • I hate texting. Nobody really texts me ever though and perhaps it's because I always tell everyone that I don't wanna converse over text.
    But nobody calls me either...


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