What do you think about musicians and would you want to date one?

I'd say I'm a talented musician and I'm wondering if that's something you find attractive


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  • Oh to date a Musician! That's the dream! I think musicians are extremely sexy. They are sensitive, often intelligent, great conversationalists, and often a bit of a mauverick.

    Not to mention they can serenade you, and that just makes a girl week in the knees!

    • Wish i knew more girls like you then, i'm a guitarist and not once have i had a girl give em that speech when i mention that i'm a guitarist as well as a dancer

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    • Then they are very good at hiding it, i freely tell people i play guitar and dance (not cos i'm trying to impress the, but cos it's just something i love doing)

    • Thabks for MHO 😊

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  • Yeah i would. They are cool and attractive


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  • Sure but not just because she's a musician


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