Is it wrong of me to ask a guy I'm dating about his ex-girlfriend?

I know his past is in the past and it doesn't bother me. All I want to know is for how long they were in a relationship and how long ago it ended. And maybe, if it's okay with him the reason they split. Obviously I'm not gonna ask so directly but is it wrong?


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  • It's not wrong at all. It's important to know certains things like witin any relationship. It definitely should come up in a convo. Those are questions most people like to know. If a guy never voulunteered to tell me then I'd be asking. If a guy never told me about past relationships that he'd had I'd be concerned


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  • It's a good thing to know what happened.
    I've only had one girlfriend, who we just recently split up and I'm still trying to get her back, but I've been close with a few other girls and Me and my now ex used to talk about what happened and why things didn't work.
    It's helpful to know what not to do


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  • Why would you even care about his ex.

    • I don't care. I just wanna know what type of a person he is and I definitely don't wanna be a rebound.

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