Ladies: should I call or wait?

After school a few days ago I was studying in the media center and noticed this girl kept glancing over at me. I went over to talk to her and we talked for about 5 minutes before her ride came. I said maybe we could text, and she eagerly put her phone # into my phone. She seemed to really like me. The whole time she couldn't really look at me and kept smiling like something was funny. She didn't seem like that when she was with her friend before...

I texted her later in the day to check in and see how she's doing. But she didn't text back until 24 hrs later. But she was like "sorry I didn't text back". I replied to her yesterday morning and currently haven't heard from her since. I get the feeling maybe she doesn't text that much. So I was thinking that maybe I should call her? Should I text and ask to call her since we were originally going to text, or just call her? I want to let her know I really like her and want to get to know her better but not seem clingy or needy. Maybe ask her if she would want to hang out at lunch or something when we get back to school? But it might not be for a while, because of the blizzard we got 40 inches of snow. Any suggestions?

What would YOU want in this situation? If you have any advice, I'd be grateful to hear it. Thank you in advance :)


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  • Nope, she seems as if she's trying to keep you interested. She's trying to play the game.

    If I'm a girl and I see a cute guy, I give him my number (my correct number). It means I'm into him. He says he's going to text me... and I would leave my phone at home? Yeah, I don't think so.

    Call her up and call her out on it. Wait until she texts you back and say something like "hey, you don't seem to be into the whole texting thing much so I figured I'd just call you up and see if you wanted to grab some coffee before your next class?" etc.

    First of all, she's not going to expect this. She'll agree and then be pleased that you took the initiative. Secondly, by telling her than you noticed she took forever to text will do one of two things. If she actually isn't big on texting, she'll feel happy that you "get" her. But if she was actually playing games, you're pretty much letting her know that you're not going to put up with that stuff. She'll be embarassed and start taking it easy.

    Just play it cool when you call her and act like it's no biggie. Don't act too interested or go out of your way to show that you're into her. Calling her up and asking her out has already done that. What you need is for her to come out of her comfort zone and show that she's willing to put herself out there too. She can take a little but she needs to give a little too.

    Good luck!

    • This is basically what I was gonna say :)

    • But, I should definitely wait for a reply, right?

      And you don't think this will make me seem needy/clingy? After I say that I'll call her, should I wait for her to text back and say "ok" (it might be a while), or call maybe later in the day?

      thanks so much!

    • Yess, you should wait for the reply. I hope you did. Give us an update!

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  • I would like a text then a call, but it's just whatever you feel like doing. To me it seems she's just doing that playing hard to get scenario- it sounds kinda like she wants you to keep pursuing her. I think it may take her a while to text back because she doesn't want to seem desperate or too available ya know. yeah asking her to lunch or something is a sweet suggestion; SNOOOOW go get groceries lol- watch the superbowl- talk on the phone/ text during or about the superbowl/ or online chat somethin'. if you're gonna text her or call her , try to do it during the day since yall are kinda new to each other. I mean you already know she likes you so...basically you're doin a good job so far (I think) lol. GOOD LUCK

  • i would go for the call. just call her up and say hey. but talk about things she might be interested in like music or movies. just keep the conversation open. and drop some major hints that you like her. like at the end of the conversation just say, ur really fun to talk to. maybe we should talk again? an see what she says.

    *thanx for answering my question. :) *

  • If she gave you her phone number, she's interested in you. Though if she's not texting you back, maybe she's just trying to make sure you're really into her. If you want to be sure if you're not coming off as clingy, and if you have a class with her, ask her about an assignment. I'd say text her some time today, and if she doesn't reply back, call her tomorrow.

  • I would keep playing it cool. If you go one too many a girl can feel as if she's been stalked, and that's never a good thing. The 1:1 ratio is a good way to keep it. However, if you want to get somewhere farther, or hint anything about liking her, you might want to put more hints into the text; you get more bang for your buck sort of thing.

    Hope that helps! Could you answer my question?


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  • Wait. For the love of God, please wait for her to get in touch with you. Getting in touch prematurely and overreacting to somebody not replying should be a friggin' cardinal sin.

    If she wants to talk to you, strangely enough, SHE WILL. Girls like guys who have self control; ringing her after 24 hours because she hasn't texted back is not the sign of a guy who has self control, it's the sign of a guy who's looking at his phone every ten seconds for a message.

    The advantage of waiting shows whether she wants to talk to you or not. Three possibilities:

    She's busy and texting somebody is the last thing on her mind when she's got a pile of work to do.

    She's forgotten about you.

    She doesn't want to talk to you. - If you feel a bit of a jolt reading this option, that's your ego panicking.

    You haven't a clue which it is and neither do I. Wait for a week and then if she doesn't reply - don't reach for that phone and call her, you reach for that phone and delete that number because let's face it - she's had seven days. Unless she's been abducted by aliens she'll get in touch.

    • This is basically what I was gonna say. Listen to this guy!

    • If she does reply but it takes a while, should I say "hey texting doesn't seem to be your thing. How about I call you?" Or just call her?

    • "If she does reply but it takes a while, should I say "hey texting doesn't seem to be your thing. How about I call you?" Or just call her?"

      I'll say it again - DON'T CALL HER. Even if you're dying to call her - DON'T. Read the article I wrote about how to ask a girl out, it'll explain everything.

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