Is he just shy or weird? or not interested?

This guy i know.. well we met online and at first i wasn't interested but he continued to convince me to go out with him. We met up for dinner and at first he wanted to meet me at his place, i said NO, he said i dont have a car and i won't eat you, i said no, he took me out and he talked a lot, asked a lot of questions, we talked for over 2 hours, when i leaned in at the table he kept pulling back physically, he offered to drive me back to my hometown which is like an hour driving for him... i said no its ok... he doesn't really text much, like at all and if he does its like two words or maybe 3 sentences. He asked if i wanted to watch ''star wars'' with him at his place upcoming week, i thought it was cute he asked me to watch star wars with him... i mean he his a grown man of 29... but he wants to see me again. Should i go? or is he just not that into me and wants sex... or is he shy? i dont get the not texting and calling thing tho


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  • He could be any of those things.


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