HELP I have a feeling this guy REALLY LIKES me, yet isn't showing it too well?

we went on a date about 3 days ago


we got along beyond great...we just really clicked in every way.

the most we did was make out at the end of it.

so he's been keeping in contact since then...

he calls me about 4 times a day (sometimes for really stupid reasons) and texts me all he time...

a few times he will call me, say that he's in my area and wants to stop by later...texts and calls me while he's doing whatever...and then won't mention anything else about seeing me. its really weird. its almost like I'm imagining that he wanted to come over or something. but then he will text me a few times that night with casual conversation. its realy weird

I'm getting the feeling like he's kinda in love with me...

what do you think?

oh and I have class with him in a few days..we normally go to lunch between I go? do I go with friends? I don't like being blown off.


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  • He probably doesn't like. Move on


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