This girl said she put me in the friendzone to save herself?

This girl I've known for like 7 years now we have always been cordial but the last 2 months we've reconnected and talks a lot I did move away for college but I plan on moving back in the summer or this time next year but we were talking about relationships and I was talking about how females are hard to read and how you don't know sometimes if a girl is just friends or she likes you I was talking about her but I wasn't direct about it I was just making a statement and she replied saying she put me in the friendzone to protect herself what did she mean by that?


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  • "what did she mean by that?" She basically wants/ed to protect the friendship that you guys have. Ya know since she values you as a friend. And If she pursued you and failed at it (directly rejected) OR if you guys dated for a while and then "broke up" she'd probably lose you for good, right? Which is why she'd rather "stay with how things are now" when compared to venturing out "risks" wise.

    • Shid, I can see her POV in this case. She's trying to protect her heart while deeming if the "potential reward" is worthy of the large risk at hand hahahahaha

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