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I met this guy a few months ago and we started hanging out and talking, we would hook up when we hangout, not sex though, and he told me he really liked me and was always complimenting me. I thought it was going all good but suddenly he stopped texting me, that was the last we hung out. Now he just sometimes send me snaps, and I reply but I never send him any on my own because I felt like he lost interest, but why would he still view my story and have said all those things about me if he lost interest? I'm very confused maybe he thought I don't like him as much, but I told him face to face I liked him! I'm more of a shy person so I hate being the first one to initiate conversation. It's been almost two weeks since he's contacted me, last time he invited me out but I could not make it. So should I send him a snapchat or text or something? Do I just say hi or what? Also I had asked him to hangout a couple weeks ago and he completely stood me up, he said yes but when the day came I heard nothing from him, never even had an excuse. Until a few days later he said he has forgot.. But then few weeks pass and then invited me out but I could not make it, so now we're back where we were, not talking. What do I do? Should I just stop worrying he lost interest and text him? What do I do if he never replies? I just don't want to wait any longer and he loses interest


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  • The fact that he stood you up, doesn't show much interest on its own, but it could have been a honest excuse. Have you ever thought that he could be ashamed of that, and therefore avoids to contact you? (I don't really believe in this though)

    I think you shouldn't stop talking completely. Afterall he did invite you after that, and you couldn't make it. May seem like you were getting back at him for what he did.

    I think you should contact him, and just try to see what is his mood towards you.
    (I know I'm late for this party, afterall 6 days have gone through since the question was asked.. did you talk on christmas?)


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