Girls, Different culture, can't take her out on a date, what should I do?

I have a deep crush on a girl I met at work. She is beautiufl inside and out, amazing personality, so kind, the kind of smile that mesmerizes a man. I fell for her the first day I saw her. Anyway after talking to her and getting to know her I learned that she is from another country with a VERY different culture, extremely strict.

I've ask her to go out a few times but she said she'd never be allowed to, her parents wouldn't allow it. She is a few years younger and lives with her parents. She isn't Muslim but her country is just very conservative. We text a lot and talk a lot during work, since we work in the same building I try to make the most of it anytime I see her.

So being that we are confined to our building where we can see each other, I made a "date" with her, I'll bring the outside world to her. I told her I'd be taking her out to eat (although its just inside our building) which she agreed to :)

My question, as much as I like her, should I try to move on from her? I don't want to invest to much of myself thinking about her if I know nothing could ever happen between us :(

What should I do?


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  • Try and see what happens.


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