How does one let go of a person that they like, but just met?

Have you ever met a girl or a guy, and been into them right from the start? That's me with the majority of guys that I meet. I met this guy Friday night, we had a little fun, and that was it. I honestly don't think he even remembers any of it. My problem is I remember all of it, and I'm still thinking about him. I find myself wanting him to text me and stuff. Another problem is that he's only in town for a few more days, so it's not like anything could happen if he did remember it. I just don't want to be so attached to him, like I'm still into him. I'm not "talking" to or "dating" any guys right now, and I don't plan on having a relationship until I figure some of my own stuff out. I find myself in situations like this a lot, where I fall hard and fast and make too much out of little things, and blow it up in my head until I'm breaking my own heart by reading into everything the other person does. Please offer any advice you have on how to fix this, it's really troublesome. Thanks!


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  • Hey, this may sound strange, I have all the same issues you have and its actually caused by my Borderline personality disorder where you fall for someone the instant you meet them, but as soon as one thing goes wrong you run away and never want to talk to that person again until you realize your alone and start panicking and going crazy. Now your probably normal and your just young trying to find love but just look into it maybe, and see if any of that makes sense, or you could just message me and ill tell you more about it! Because the feelings your having i have with every girl i am attracted too, and the over reading everything yeah i have yet to fix that. Or even just email me and we can chat for a while William. Slinkman@gmail. com


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  • You just... let go. Avoid reaching out, make it a conscious decision, as in every time you think about the guy, react and think that he's just a crush, or that it won't happen. etc. Create a reaction to counter how you feel..


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