Saw 2 attractive younger women with much older guys this weekend , is this a trend?

when i saw the first " couple " i figured it was a one off than on Saturday i saw another. on Friday night was at a restaurant and a young girl maybe 18 or 19 something girl came in with a much older guy , at first i though he was her father but he couldn't of been by way he acted with her. she just sat across from him and talked , he barely said anything , i'd say he was late 30's or early 40's. she was pretty good looking and definity get some interest from guys her own age which made me really wonder why she'd be with him , he didn't seem like a fun or interesting guy at all .

then on Saturday night at another restaurant saw another odd couple , i'd say the girl was mid to late 20's , pretty good looking brunette for her age , definity generate a lot of interest from guys , her date had to be like late 50's , lots of grey hair , kind of funny country look to him , definity wasn't her father the way he acted with her and way he looked into her eyes you could tell they were an issue. but why she could have any guy she want and she choose him? its no wonder guys like me are frustrated with dating

i don't get it both these girls could of had there pick of just about any single guy around here and this is who they choose? i'm not saying i felt the age diff here was inapproaite as both old enough to make own decisions but just wonder why they'd choose to go so much older and why younger guys were left behind.


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  • I was 18 and my boyfriend was 50


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