Is this a turn off? To guys like this?

I mean I know not all guys are going to like it. But, if you have a girl who talks all the time. And gets really excited over pointless things. Is that a turn off? I talk a lot! And I think that's an understatement. I love to talk about my day and what happened at work. I get really excited and chipper and laugh a lot.

I mean I love to listen about what happened in other people's day. And I know when to be quite I can be quite. Haha. I talk in movies...(not so much movie theatres...)

what at do you think.


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  • I barely hardly speak so it's okay with me


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  • It's ok for awhile but it could get to be a bit much after some time

    • I mean! I can be calm.. I just have so much running through my head. Haha. I'm random. I love to listen to people too.

    • I can talk for awhile too so I can understand that part of it when you have so much to tell

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