Girls, How would you girls like to be asked out on a date?

There is a girl that I have been trying to ask out. Trouble is we don't see eachother often and she has an extremely busy schedule so, its hard to make plans. She's always upset that when we can't make plans work which make me feel likes she does like me somewhat. On my side of things, I'm terrified to ask her out in person, even though I feel thats the best way to ask her out. I have thought about texting but I hate that idea. One of my friends suggested sending an eddible arangement with a note asking her out. What are thoughts on this? If thats a good idea, does anyone know of pizza eddible arragnements? Any other suggestions?


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  • Be upfront, don't use hints or beat around the bush, just straight up ask! Also, have an idea of what you want to do otherwise you get an annoying "I don't know what I want to do" conversation.


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