Girls, Did I make a mistake?

I have been dating a guy for three weeks now but I am starting to worry about him. Our first date, he showed that he really liked me. He told me I was beautiful and he even kissed me. I liked him too. The thing is I am insecure and I feel like he is dating other girls. On our second date, we kissed for a hour or so and I felt good about it. However, my concern is that he doesn't text me all the time but he does see me once or twice a week. I am afraid that he might be talking to other girls. What can I do or what should I not do? Should I start questioning him?
Okay, thanks girls


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  • Three weeks isn't that long and he probably doesn't see your relationship as exclusive. If it worries you, just ask him if he's seeing anyone else, don't get mad if he says yes, but be honest and say it bothers you. How often does he text? Like I said 3 weeks isn't that long and you don't need to text all the time..

    • He texts once or twice or sometimes for about an hour. I just don't want to be needy but I like him.

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    • If you see each other twice a week it sounds like he does see it, and he's just not into texting constantly

    • But he will end up hurting me...

  • You shouldn't start questioning him unless you have a reason. You're letting your lack of attention get the best of you, and that will not end well. If you two have established that you're boyfriend and girlfriend, he shouldn't be talking to other people.


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