What does "dont invest emotionally too soon" mean?

I've heard this quite a lot when you start dating, so, how do I put this into practice?
I dont want a girl thinking im using her when im not.


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  • Just be yourself. You don't have to become emotionally committed to prove you have good intentions. It's not really something you put into practice because it's in your head. It just means bear in mind that you don't know the person that well, if you have feelings for them that's great, but remember that you are still getting to know each other and you both have separate lives and accept that you may not know a lot about their life. Respect that they have other things going on and respect their right to want to see you more, see you less, or stop seeing you. It just means you shouldn't count your chickens before they hatch, don't put your hopes into someone who hasn't proven themselves good enough over time.

    • This is a mistake I obviously made in the past. I got attached pretty quickly. I wasn't needy or clingy but I think I put all my time into her & maybe I was too available? She ended up cheating on me.

    • I've made this mistake too, but I think with time and experience your wants and needs change, and some people just need to be like that in some relationships so they have a chance to grow out of it. It's really about changing how you value relationships and your attitude to dating. But yeah, no one should get cheated on because of that.

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