Does this mean she only wants to get to know you as a friend or is there the possibility of more?

I asked her out online after getting to know her a bit in person. She replies 2 days later saying she won't be around much over Christmas because she's going home but she'll be at the club I met her in regularly in Jan so will bump into each other and get a chance to talk more and get to know each other a bit better.
  • It means she won't ever see you as anything more than a friend
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  • It means you still have a chance to get to know her and become more than friends
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  • That wasn't a no, i think she wants to get to know you better, but keep in mind that its up to you now, if you act like a friend than that's how she will perceive you, you need to act like a boyfriend material while in the "getting to know each other" phase. just be yourself i'm sure she'll fall for you.

    • It seemed like an avoiding the question to me because she was afraid of satin no and hurting my feelings.

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    • Yeah maybe.

    • And also I didn't notice any flirty signs.

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