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I'm dating a girl but she said "nothing serious" what does that mean exactly? she's 21 and claims she's a virgin but she hangs out with a lot of guy friends. I wonder if she's told them the same thing as me. All my friends are telling me when a girl say's that i means just sex, nsa


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  • I'm having hard time understanding your question due to your weird spelling. But whatever.
    If she means nothing serious, its probably means that she isn't in love with you, but she is just looking for fun. Which is good if you want the same, however if you are searching for relationship, you are probably searching on a wrong place.
    by the way. why does it matter if she is a virgin or not? :P

  • if she's a virgin i doubt she wants nasa sex. people cannot want a serious relationship without it being about sex,.

    also hanging out with guys doesn't mean she's sleeping around with them, any more than you hanging out with guys means you're sleeping around with them,. people do have friends of different sex.

    you have not mentioned what you want. figure out what you want then tell her. she either wants the same or she doesn't., its ok if you have to move o. better to do that than waste each others time.

    also if yore not sure what she meant, ask HER ;-) if you're asking us bc you dont trust her, then you shouldn't be dating her.


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