How do I say something to this guy?

Met a guy a couple months ago...been dating for about 3 weeks. Things were going good, then he canceled a date because he said he had a cold and at the end of that week, his brother passed away. This was about 2 weeks ago. I gave him his space, and he has been in contact with me a little here and there. We met on a dating site, and come to find out, while he is leaving me feeling sorry for him because of the death, he is talking to my friend online, trying to get a date with her. Is this normal, what do I say to this guy. I am so confused. He emailed me back and forth most of the day yesterday, but today he is ignoring me. What do I do and what do I say?


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  • I too lost my brother a few years ago and I know it's really hard for me to open up and let anyone get close to me. Being that his brother just passed away, I'm sure he doesn't want to get close to anyone right now. He probably see's that you're a bit more interested than he'd like right now. He may have really had that cold, or maybe he made that up so he could stick around his brother.

    He might be asking your friend out on a date because he needs someone around. She's someone new, which means no attachment. He probably has a million thoughts going through his head right now. He may not want to be in a relationship, and may just be casually dating.

    Honestly though, when you really think about it, if this guy really, really, wanted you to stick around, he'd tell you. He'd tell you that he really liked you and that he's just having a hard time right now. Sometimes we have to pretend we're someone else and look at the situation "we are" placed in. Sort of gives you a different perspective.