Is this guy an example of negging, insecurity, or just plain douchery?

We met on Tinder. We exchanged numbers. He would text me. I figured out that:
A) he doesn't like to talk about himself, which he admitted
B) he never really knew how to have a conversation, but finally opened up a bit
C) he seemed a bit clingy if I was busy/didn't answer right away
D) he said he had confidence on what was inside, not his looks
E) he said he was picky about the girls he dated

All in all, there was just something off about him. I try to give people the benefit of the doubt, so we continued to talk.

He would disappear when talking, as would I... we were both busy. I didn't think much of it, especially when I disappeared because he wasn't keeping the convo going. He popped back up a week later, asking if I had gone off the grid. I made a joke about being on an FBI mission and kicking ass. He said I could have my way with him as my reward. As a woman who doesn't like unwanted sexual innuendo and didn't feel the time was right, I just played it off with a joke.

Later that weekend, we were texting and he just didn't say anything to keep the convo going again, so I just didn't respond, besides the fact that I was busy. The next day, I text him and after a reply or two, he just stops answering.

10 days go by and I get a message from him that says he just saw my text (haha), he was sorry for the delay, wondered how my day and week was going, etc, acting extra bubbly. I responded four days later, as this week was my finals week at school and I was swamped. I told him I hoped he was well, that we'd catch up soon, hope he had a good day, and I'd talk to him later.

He texts, saying we should "please" get better at this texting thing and that he wants to meet me soon, completely disregarding my saying we'd catch up later, as I was busy. Last night, he replied again, "Or not." I was at a Christmas Party last night, so I didn't respond to either text and he texts this morning, "How can someone so pretty be so sketchy?"

Seriously, dude? Lol.


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  • Yea sorry about that OP, But I was just asking


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