Women dictate the dating world with a iron fist and see no reason to share that power. Agree?

I believe so . That's just the way it is. Somethings will never change That's just the way it is


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  • I disagree strongly.

    • Why so?

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    • Nah they accept. Women don't look or approach, Men do.

    • That's not a complete truth. A lot of women approach men. And most women look.

  • Women control access to sex. Men control access to relationships.

    If you aren't desperate for sex and are outcome independent (i. e. you don't care if you get sex from a particular girl or not), then you as a guy own the dating game. Period.

    Don't be a weak-willed shit. Control your thirst and entitlement. Do that, and suddenly it's the women who will be complaining how unfair dating is.


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