Can't have a proper dating life how do I fix this?

Ok so I'm typically scared to ask out girls I like and I just try to ignore my feelings but it always turns into a ones sion and I get fixated on the girl.


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  • I've been scared of guys for years and never got a lot of attention from them. Until I gave up and decided to just make friends and have an awesome time instead. It sure is hard, but try to get rid of feelings of shame and interact with people in whatever way you like, that way you will seem more natural and relaxed and be happier. For me it caused me to be happier, which suddenly resulted in lots of attention, which gave me enough confidence to flirt. Now I've suddenly got to turn people down.

    Bottom line, just be happy, dont try too hard and be yourself!

    • Well I'm ugly so my crushes are just wishful thinking they will never actually happen

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    • I expected you to be ugly, but if that is you, you're really handsome!

    • If you want, I can give you tips on the fine art of flirting ;) note that I was incapable of it less than a year ago, so I know both sides

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