Should I text, call, or wait?

At school, I met this one girl who seemed to really like me. We talked for a while, but then her ride came, and I asked for her # so we could text, and she gave it to me. I texted her, but it took 24 hours for her to get back to me. She did apologize & said "sorry I didn't text back". I replied back and she hasn't replied in 36 hours. I don't know what's going on? She seemed to really like me, she couldn't keep a straight face and was giggly a lot of the time. Maybe was it just that I was texting small talk. So what should I do? Should I text her 1 more time? Call her and ask her out? Or back off & wait?

I'm really at a crossroads and can't decide what to do. I don't want to play games, but I'm not 100% sure she's playing games. I'd back off & wait, but then she'll probably forget about me. So if I call, I really don't have anything to lose. what do you think?

Also, her name is Madeleine, but she goes by Maddy for short. If I call, which name should I address her by? I don't really know her that well...

I go to a high school of 2800 in Missouri, if that helps. It might be hard to see her at school


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  • Thanks for answering my question by the way.

    Your problem seems very similar to mine...Except I am not conversing with the guy through text, but through Facebook..haha. I would reply his first text asap, but once I sense that he is replying slowly, I would do the same. I don't like to be the one waiting, so I like to make the guy wait instead. If he doesn't make me wait, then I'd happily reply right away when I get his text. It depends on what kinds of things you texted to her. If it was something that she could easily reply, then I don't understand why she's taking her time. If it was something she could not easily reply to, then she might be thinking of a better response to keep the conversation her texts seem friendly or cold? and during what time of the day is she texting back to you? Her making you wait can either mean..1) she's really busy 2) she's playing games and is making you long for her reply, 3) she doesn't text often anyway.

    • No problem! The reason I thought to ask you was that our situations are like literally the same but flipped. We can help each other out ;)

      it's really just small talk (I.e. Can you believe how much snow we got!?). My guess is that she probably just doesn't text a lot. She didn't touch her phone the whole time I was talking to her. I'm thinking of just texting her 1 last time and saying "hey this texting thing isn't really working out. How about I call you?). Think that would work?

    • Aw I don't know about all girls, but I would reply the guy as long as if I like him. so if she likes you, just wait for her reply and then call her. but if I didn't like the guy and he texted me again before I even replied, I'd know he's more interested in me than me in him. Give it some time, and if you simply wait without longing for her reply and act with more confidence, she might chase you instead. I know it's hard to stop thinking about her and look at your phone for her reply, but try..

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  • I would say text her. You can't go wrong with a text. Calling her could make her feel awkward, and asking her out straight on is just overwhelming. Waiting wouldn't help either; if you hardly see her you need to ask her, and fast! I'd say text her again. If she doesn't respond, try talking to her when you get back to school. If you can't, THEN call her. BUT DONT ASK HER OUT AS SOON AS YOU CALL! talk to her normally on the phone before asking; if you can get a 1/2 hour of good conversation on the phone, it'll show her that you two have chemistry. After that I'd go for it and ask.

    Thanks for answering my question!

  • It seems like you are coming on too strong on this girl. Give her some space and time be patient if she really is interested in being friends with you she will be responding back to you as soon as she can. She could be shy who knows get to know her a little more and see how she really is as a person.


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