Does he only want sex or is he truly interested in me?

Okay so I met a guy online a few weeks ago, and we went on one date. The date was great. He was very respectful and he seems very shy and sweet. He seemed hesitant to even kiss me, but he lingered and eventually kissed me. And then he asked me out for a second date before we left.

We text sometimes, and he sends me flirty little texts. But he takes a while and his responses are short. He is a pretty busy guy though, he has two jobs.

Okay, so the day of our date he canceled a few hours in advance. The date happened to be the night before he had to go on a trip for work and he worked that day, so I think that he didn't think it through. He promised to reschedule when he got back. I didn't hear from him the whole time he was gone, which was over a week (he went on a cruise, he's a DJ).

Well he just got back today and he texted me right away. He asked me out for another date which we scheduled for Wednesday, but he wants to come to my place. Does this mean he only wants sex? I know that all men hope for sex if they're attracted to someone, but he is very hard to read. He has never texted me anything disrespectful or any kind of sexual innuendos. He has always been very respectful


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What Guys Said 2

  • Tell him that you have a policy of not inviting a man to your apartment because you don't want to give anyone the wrong idea or create unfounded expectations. If his intentions are honorable, he will understand this and revise his plans.

  • I don't think its just sex he's wanting


What Girls Said 1

  • Meh, red flag. Wanting to come over to your place suggests that he wants to have sex, or at least some kind of action, with you. I personally wouldn't feel comfortable with this after just one date.

    Maybe I'm more traditional, but I like to go on a few dates and really get to know someone before taking things to the next level. Do what you feel comfortable with. It would be naive to expect him to view a night at your house as anything but a hookup date, though.

    It's not even like he was like, "Hey, do you want to come over this Saturday? I'll cook you dinner and we can watch [insert a show you both watch] :)" or something like that. There's no romance to, "Can I come over?"


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