Is it wrong or right of me to still be upset over this matter?

First of i just want to clarify: i have severe mental health issues around depression, eating disorder and self conciousness.

My boyfriend had to go to his bestfriends bucks party and he was helping plan it, he told me there would be a topless waitress and nothing more (i got slightly upset with that but thought okay i can do this thats not so bad just breathe) this was over a month ago but last night i read a text from the other groomsman from when they were planning... turns out they actyally booked 2 topless poker girls and two strippers to do a triple XXX show. to this my boyfriend looked up the girls and said "I aprove of this :P" he completely withheld information from me and i confronted him, he said "i did it because i knew you would worry and be more upset than you already were" i understand that and we talked it out but in the back of my mind i can't stop thinking about it and it still has me slightly upset. thoughts?


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  • I think its right that you are still upset about it. I think he still should of mentioned that. Its not the fact of yeah you may have been upset about it at the time but the fact that he hid it from you is what is bugging you. He assumed that you would worry and be more upset about it. How does he know that? You could of been absolutely fine with it. Thats the other part that would bug me if I were in your situation

    Its kinda like a son or daughter going to a party and they withheld that Luke the class druggy was going to be there. Its the principal of it.

    • Exactly! I may not have been fine with it it regardless if he told me straight away, but because he's done this it makes me feel like he was being sleazy and hiding it even if that wasn't his initial intention

    • Yup I get that. I would be upset about that too if my girlfriend would have done that. So its understandable that you still upset. I am not sure how you get over it though. 😕

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