Met on Tinder: She's amazing but I want to wait, she doesn't? HELP?

To sum a long story up here is how it goes. I met this girl, Jessica, on Tinder about 3 month ago. She lives about 800 miles away and we are both 17 so almost impossible to see eacother. I've never met her in person, but from what she seems I really like her; I have fallen hard. She got my snapchat (I know she is real) and then my number almost instantly and now we talk every day.
I am not one for distance and I honestly just want to be friends with her until we are able to see eachother and go from there. I tried telling her thats what I want and only friends for now, and that worked for about 1-2 weeks (we were texting afew times a week and just normal friends, so all was good). BUT, then she started getting emotional and begun saying things like "I can't just be friends" "I dont want you with other girls" etc... and she basically threatened to stop talking to me. I didn't want that so we ended up getting very close again and now I dont know what to do. :(

I want to remain friends and solely friends. I dont want the pet names, lovey stuff, and the things we do like we are dating.
What should I do so she doesn't get upset and stop talkign to me permanitely but we remain friends?

Ps. We are getting eachother holiday gifts and part of hers is giving her a hoodie of mine she wanted and I'm getting something of hers. I really like her, but not the distance and such. I dont know what to do. Please help.
I know this is very confusing, I appreciate anyone that takes the time to help me. I apologize for the confusing question. Sorry


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  • Talk to her about it.


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