Do you believe, that meeting a girl, and dating her in the same day will be successful?

I was just wonder like, what if you met a girl, and you 2 really hit it off and decided you were officially 'boyfriend, and girlfriend.' Do you think it will last long? or how long do you think it would last?

Have you ever seen or been in this situation?

(in my opinion, i'd think at least a week of texting, dates whatver would be fine before making it official.
So you would know what the rest of your life would be like with this person each week,

if you're not really serious with them and only want them for something.. then i think you could hook up and make it official possibly the next day)

What do you think?
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  • It may last, if they're both serious.
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Sorry i put 2 of the same poll options
"will" is what i meant on the 3rd one


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  • It probably wouldn't work out very well. If you want a good, strong relationship that will last you have to really get to know that person and connect with them on a deep and emotional level and that takes time.


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  • I sincerely doubt it. You're basically going off of first-basis infatuation without getting to know the person. You may as well be dating a stranger.

  • I don't think it would even happen let alone last.


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