I have gotten past my fear of talking to women, but nothing ever goes anywhere. What do you think is going on?

So, I have recently somehow gotten the courage to talk to women like I never have before. I sometimes will get their numbers, and whenever I try connecting with them it never goes anywhere. It's happened so much lately that I am worried I'm doing something wrong. See, I really am a nice guy and not just trying to get a piece of ass. Girls are not numbers to me. It's just that I have been single for two years and I haven't had sex in a whole year. It really is messing with my head slightly. Anyone have advice? Keep in mind that I am 20 years old, most people my age aren't as social as I am now for some reason.


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  • What are you saying when you reach out to these women?


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  • Reality is going on.

  • There's nothing wrong with you, there's something very wrong with women.

    Don't you know why we've always kept them in check? Hasn't it EVER crossed your mind?

    • Because they can wreck us mentally?

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    • Another brainwashed feminist

    • 80% of women have been have reported to feeling depressed and unable to cope. Half of all women under 25 have visited a psychiatrist. One fourth of women is on psy-meds. It has been found that women nag their husbands to death.

      Avoid relationships and the sorrows that women cause. Listen to the words long written down... Men were always right. Feminism is a lie

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