Am I a piece of shit?

So, long story, but I'll make it as short as possible.
I started dating a girl, sex was the best I've ever had, not the hottest girl, but great, intuitive, unabashed sex. Things were getting a little more serious just before I left to Vegas. Also to this point, I had tried my best to stop her from abandoning the relationship, she had some issues, but we were obviously very fond of each other, and even said that we loved each other within the first 2 Months, very weird for me.
Anyways, I go to Vegas, and Vegas being Vegas, I had sex with another woman. It was purely drunk lust, and a one time thing, but it was fun. More against me is that I had sex with another woman before things were getting serious, and during when things were supposedly serious. Different women, and I never told her about them.
We were pretty volatile and would argue and not talk to each other for a couple days at a time. Near the end she told me she had slept with 2 other men during one of these radio silences. Me knowing that I had also been permiscuous, said I was willing to overlook it and move on, but I still never told her.
Obviously this relationship did not work out in the end, but regardless, how does it look to you?
Don't hold back, I've already beaten myself up about it lots.


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  • It just seems like you both aren't in the relationship or whatever for the right reason and whats done is done, no point in telling her now- move on and try to be better next time.


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  • Just drown yourself for a bit, call yourself a born again virgin and do 10 Hail Mary's buy a cross boom you're solid


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  • Sounds like a toxic relationship and doomed from the start.

    But yeah, cheating is always a dick move.


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