How do you make your relationship more exciting?

We both have hectic lives, he works 3 jobs and studying, I work full time and also studying. We see each other once a week usually dinner and a movie or chill at his. I want to make us more spontaneous!

We love the outdoors but it's usually dusk when we get back to see each other. How do you make a relationship more exciting?


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  • You guys must be exhauseted with that sort of life. I've been living something like that these past 4 weeks, different reasons but I'm missing the girlfriend, but I'm lucky it all goes back to normal after Christmas.

    If there was no end in sight I think it would drive me mad.

    I'm thinking 'spontaneous' is possibly a bit of a stretch for you right now. Perhaps book a few dates nights (over and above 'the usual'). Treat each other, even if its just one extra per week. go out for a walk, a drive, watch the sun go down with a late night picnic.

    'Spontaneous' is good but maybe that's for when study breaks come around.

    • It is exhausting, I know he wants more but I just don't know how!

    • Just be gentle and understanding with each other. Everything doesn't need to NOW... you just need to have a goal in mind and fun stuff planned to detour you from the hard-stuff while you're on this journey together. If you see it as a problem that you can face together, and overcome together it'll make you stronger together.

      If one of you starts thinking the issue caused be the other then you need to pause, reflect and work through it together.

      Good luck.

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