Girls very confusing help?

We dated for a year until she had to leave to college 300 miles away. We still kept it cool as friends but only through facebook. A year later today she moved back home because she missed home. Now she's here and we're hanging out here and there & kiss. She said she doesn't know if she wants to get back or not so i left it at that. Last night she uploaded a pic of her and some guy posing in front of a statue in chinatown making funny faces on Facebook. I never seen this guy in my life but he looks like a friend type no threat at all but you'll never know. She also has a lot of college study group guy friends this could be one of them but again I don't know.

Should i say something? or play it cool and see what happens? some of my friends are telling me he could be the next boyfriend or just a college study group friend I don't know


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  • Tell her you still have feelings for her. She can't read your mind and any guy is a rival to you... really.


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