Dating 7 months, have a tense convo, cancel plans by text; Girl apologizes; NO reply?

- Dating 7 months
- Never saw apt
- Never met friends or family

Final recap
- Tense convo - ask boyfriend where he watched basketball. I'd say that's a normal question. Followed by - coordinating where we meet for dinner. Ending on - let's stay @ your ( his) place. He says no since we'll be closer to you. I say - let's have brunch in your hood. He says ok. I say - is everything ok? He says yes, gotta go.
- He texts - I'm not getting together w you this weekend. Clearly you don't trust me, there's a trust issue, I don't want a confrontation. Please respect that.
- I apologize by voicemail & text.
- No reply.
- 10 days later

Now, I move on? How?


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What Guys Said 1

  • Time to move on. 7 months in and you've not seen his place or family, and he can't offer any kind of reason why you can't see his place or family is a bit weird. Just seems like he's trying to hide something

    • Thank you :) Definitely moving on. Things are coming together again.

What Girls Said 1

  • Just move on. He didn't seem very serious about the relationship.

    • Thank you :) Moving on!

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