What should I do about this guy?

Last year there was this guy who was really nice and really cute and we have a lot of the same interests. He flirted with me a lot saying that he'd love to take me to prom and how he wanted to marry me and shiz (odd ik but it was lighthearted). I was nervous and unsure of myself at the time so I don't think I was very reassuring despite liking him. This year we don't have classes together but especially at the beginning he'd make an effort to talk to me whenever he saw me. Now we see each other less and less and he is starting to give up.

Now I know that I do like him and I'm in a better place I would like a chance to talk more but I still get nervous and I don't really know how to start something with him? We don't have many mutual friends and he is in the 'party' crowd although he does very little himself. Should I just forget it or should I try something? If so what?
Okay so I am an idiot


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  • I was in a similar position I know how it feels x
    I was in a bad place and couldn't get up the nerve to start a conversation with the boy I liked he was the first guy I REALLY liked he kept trying for about a year but u could see him giving up and I didn't blame him I wasn't putting as much effort in as he was but I couldn't help it. Honestly 5 years on I still think about him and regret never building up the courage to make a move. Take a deep breath and go talk to him more often! say anything talk about anything just show him you are interested make sure he knows you are interested trust me you'll regret it otherwise


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  • Fuck him,.. I mean literally.

    • Yeah... I'm not gonna do that just yet...

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