Why are young guys today so lame?

Pretty much ALL the guys who get my number, no matter how nice or interested they at first seem to be in me, end up not texting as much as I'd like (when I text them too) and they never seem to want to hangout, yet they say they're interested. But how do they not expect me to lose interest when they never talk to me or see me enough to keep my interest? What gives with young guys being lame in the dating world today?


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  • sounds to me like you just tend to encounter similar guys, because most guys i know are going to try and text and hang out with the girls they get numbers from.

    so i think you should perhaps reflect on the similarities of these guys to see if there is a common thread and if there is one look to get away from that "type"

  • Maybe they are just looked for a more "balanced" relationship where you put some effort into seeing/talking to them as well. I mean you are clearly talking like it's their job to keep you interested, and that's usually a bad sign when it comes to girls.

    • No, this one guy I've hinted then suggested multiple times we should hangout and he claims he's interested in seeing me but then he's like "well during the winter I like to stay at my house" and im like well we could hangout and watch movies at your place

    • That actually sounds like he's not interested, especially if he rejected you coming to watch movies at his place.

    • nah, he said yes to that and then lets go iceskating lol

  • How old are you?


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