How to reduce sexual tension?

I have been engaged to this guy since last 2 years ( we are childhood sweethearts) and both are virgin. We have decided not to have sex till the day we get married. However whenever we are alone mere hugging turns into passionate kissing and groping. We both are now finding difficult to control. I don't mind having sex with him but he wants it for our special day I. e. marriage ( that will take place next year). Recently he started kissing my breasts over my clothing. I can't control myself any longer. Please help.


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  • Well, next year is around the corner 😀

    • Anticipation when he is around me kills me. By d way m getting married in next December:)

    • Uh-Oh that's almost another 365 days to go 😐 Are you sure you can hold it on for that long? Talk to him. Since you're going to marry him anyway, I guess its fine if you gave sex with him before that. But I don't understand a thing. He wants to wait till marriage. But he's doing groping and stuff, takes you high and then leaves you wanting more 😀 I can see that even he's trying to resist a lot but losing his control 😀 I guess he won't be able to hold it longer 😀

    • Maybe v both need more patience. Thanks a lot dear for telling me his mentality:):)

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